My place-outside Molenbeek

Urban furniture

Based on a single design, but by modifying just one of the chair’s parameters a bench can be created with multiple seats. Each unit has a slightly different height, as to address itself more precisely to each one of us. And for each of us, there is a chair where one sits better than another…

Size: chairs of various height
Materials: lacquered steel and wood
Edition: commissioned by the Borough of Molenbeek ( square des 4 vents, parc des étangs noirs, completion 2015)
Design: Lucile Soufflet 2012
Architecture : Baukunst

mobilier urbain_myplace_Molenbeek- Lucile Soufflet_1mobilier urbain_myplace_Molenbeek- Lucile Soufflet_3mobilier urbain_myplace_Molenbeek- Lucile Soufflet_4