Public art

As soons a plate is broken, an entire mechanism comes into play, with the broken plate being replaced by another one. This is subsequently also broken and replaced, etc.etc. And the dance begins, thereby giving life to the plate. As a direct reference to La Louvière’s ceramics manufactoring heritage, the huge broken plate can be seen as both an archeological artefact -an expression of the industry’s decline-, and as an incongruous surreal object. Themes such as fragility, impermanence and the passage of time are not frequently dealt with in public space and thus, the plate highlights the dynamism of constant mutation. La Louvière manufactured plates for more than 160 years.

Size: diametre 300cm
Materials: laquered stainless steel
Edition: Commissioned by the city of La Louvière, Belgium 2012
Design: Lucile Soufflet and Bernard Gigounon

Art public_assiette_Lalouviere_Lucile Soufflet_2Art public_assiette_Lalouviere_Lucile Soufflet_3Art public_assiette_Lalouviere_Lucile Soufflet_4