Projet 48

Public art

Refurbishment of 2 corridors of a social housing project in Brussels. Similar to the Project 105 in the neighbouring building, we decided to redefine each flat with the use of different textures. In this case, a variety of different tiles and different shades of withes were used.

Size: 2 halls, 48 white textured ceramics
Materials: erthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glass
Edition: commissioned by 101% SLRB Brussels for ASSAM.
Design: Lucile Soufflet and Domitienne Cuvelier 2010, completion 2015

ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_1ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_2ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_4ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_5ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_6ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_10ceramique_Peterbos_Lucile Soufflet_8