landscape furniture

Urban furniture

Landscape is a project designed for the square Jacques Brel and its surrounding in Brussels.
It is composed of large pieces of furniture that evolve from bench to table, from a single place object to a multiple places object, proposing resting  areas and a roof. It is a path, it is a raft, it is a landscape.

Commissioned by MAD brussels for the city of Brussels. (contrat de quartier “jardin aux fleurs”)
Size: from 10 to 20 meter long
Materials: laquered steel and sustainable wood
Edition/production: commissioned by MAD Brussels for the city of Brussels, square Jacques Brel. in progress 2016


banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet5banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet1banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet6banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet4banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet3banc public_landscape_MAD_Bruxelles_Lucile Soufflet2